SheepWe are renowned for our succulent juicy sausages winning five awards over the past three years.

Our recipes include traditional classics,and some interesting spicy influences from around the world. The quality of the meat in our sausage is carefully chosen from prime cuts, so can be coarsely ground and is very lean making a satisfying meal. All our sausages are lovingly handmade.

Our sausages can be bought in two pack sizes 4 pack (avg. 400g) or 6 pack (avg. 600g) or bulk orders on request. Meat content 80%.

NamePrice Per
4 pack (avg. 400g)£3.40
6 pack (avg. 600g)£4.80

Free Range Tamworth Pork Sausage - Click For List

Hinton Marsh Farm Classic:with cracked black pepper
Breakfastperfect for the great English breakfast, an essential start to anyone's day
Honey Roast;a sweet-tasting distinctive seasoning blended with real honey.
Pork & Apple;scrumptious apple pieces and parsley to make a very tempting sausages
Pork Apple & Cinnammon;a natural combination of the trio just tantalizing
Pork & Leek;a truly mouth watering taste. It's simply bursting with leeks.
Ginger & Leek;the warmth of ginger and the clean fresh taste of real leeks combine to make a truly special sausage.
Ginger & Spring Onionthe warmth of the real ginger pieces and the chopped spring onion work in perfect harmony
Caramelised Red Onion & Red Peppera perfect compliment, enhancing the delicate sweet onion
Alabamaa delicate blend of American Southern Style spices oak smoked paprika, pimento, celery seed and pepper
Pork & Sun dried Tomatosimply bursting with the finest sun dried tomato creating a beautiful sweet sausage
Toulousea simple combination, slightly sweet infused with ground garlic and a dash of parsley
Cumberlandan all time classic, our special blend of herbs and spices creates a delicate but flawless taste
Old Englishgarden herbs including sage, marjoram and parsley with ground nutmeg and pepper, an elegant warm taste
Pork & Wholegrain Mustardgenerous helpings of wholegrain mustard and a sprinkling of flat leaf parsley
Oak Smoked chilli & Paprikammm, a sizzling hot sausage made with Mexican Chipotle and Spanish paprika
Jalapeno Peppera simple combination of pork creating a fresh taste of this hot pepper
Hot & Spicya combination of red and green peppers interlaced with green chillies creating a warm sausage
Pork Wild Mushroom & Parsleya gourmet sausage with exceptional flavour with the full-flavoured wild mushrooms
Pork & Asparagusa seasonal sausage with an earthy undertone
Pork & Redcurrenta seasonal fruity sausage with whole redcurrants, a tangy taste
Cracked black pepper & Sagea simple tantalizing combination, the sage certainly is not shy!
Oak Smoked Garlic & Wild Mushroomgourmet sausage exceptional flavour full-flavoured wild mushrooms and real smoked garlic
Cumberlandan all time classic, a blend of herbs creates a delicate but flawless taste

Beef Sausage using lean matured slow growing beef - Click For List

Steak Guinnessa blend of crushed pimento, black pepper and ground nutmeg and real ale
Steak & Plum a succulent tangy sausage using ground spices pimento, nutmeg and black pepper for a touch of warmth
Classic Beefa true beef sausage with cracked back pepper
Steak & Horseradisha classical twist. The hot tangy horseradish brings out the full flavour of the beef
Boeworsa truly unique flavour an South African recipe with a dash of vinegar, nutmeg, coriander and pepper

Lamb Sausage using our chalk down land matured lamb - Click For List

Lamb Merguezan Algerian delicacy full flavoured with fenugreek, paprika, black pepper and coriander
Lamb pleasantly hot & spicywith chopped green chillies and red peppers
Lamb & Mintan all time favourite, these two flavours were meant to be together
Lamb Rosemary & Garlicthe distinctive flavours of lamb and rosemary are complimented by garlic, creating something special

Gluten Free Sausages made with potato flakes not soya - Click For List

Pork & Applean award winner with scrumptious apple pieces and parsley
Pork & Leeka truly mouth watering taste. It's simply bursting with leeks!
Cumberlandan all time classic, a blend of herbs creates a delicate but flawless taste
Plainan all time classic traditional pork sausage
Gluten free chipolatas and sausagemeats availablesee christmas specials

Seasonal Christmas Sausages and Chipolatas - Click For List

Pork & chestnutpieces of chopped chestnut combined with festive herbs and spice excellent for Christmas
Plum & Mulled Winea great winter warmer, using mulled wine spices and real plums
Port & Cranberrya luxurious sausage, full of deep red rich cranberries combined with port. Perfect for a classical treat


Hinton Marsh Farm is situated at the foot of the Wiltshire Chalkdownlands and has been a family run farm since 1956.

And we are now proud to offer our award-winning free range beef, pork, chicken and lamb to you online.


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