Free Range Tamworth Pork

PorkOur Pork has a most delicious taste almost 'creamy' winning six awards over the past four years. The Great taste is thanks to out Rare Breed Tamworth Sows, a slower maturing Pig, very lively by character descending from wild boars. Our Pigs enjoy an essential stress free environment staying in their family herds. As a result there is simply no need to castrate, tail dock or clip teeth.

You can order any size or quantity if you would like some help to decide contact us to discuss.

NamePrice Per
Leg boneless roast £12.50 per Kilo
Loin of pork roast £15.00 per Kilo
Shoulder boned £9.60 per Kilo
Chops (single chops 225g)£2.63 Each
Belly Strips (pack of 4, 0.5kg)£4.38 Per Pack
Whole Belly (500g)£4.38 Per pack
Rib Chops (pack of 2, 0.4kg) £3.50 Per Pack
Spare ribs £5.75 Per Pack
Crackling £2.75 Per pack
Diced Pork 1lb(450g)£5.72 Per pack
Mince 1lb(450g)£4.23 Per Pack
Stirfry strips 1lb (450g)£4.43 Per Pack
Liver 1lb (450g)£2.23 per Pack

Note: The weights may vary and we willl charge the weight you receive.


Hinton Marsh Farm is situated at the foot of the Wiltshire Chalkdownlands and has been a family run farm since 1956.

And we are now proud to offer our award-winning free range beef, pork, chicken and lamb to you online.


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