Dry Cured Bacon & Gammon

Our bacon is dry cured the traditional way which means we rub into the meat a mixture of salt and sugars and leave it standing for a few weeks to draw out excess moisture. No water is added, leaving a tasty bacon which can crisp to perfection.

The Great Taste is thanks to our Rare Breed Tamworth Sows, a slower maturing pig, very lively in character descending from wild boars. Our pigs enjoy an essential stress free environment staying in their family herds. As a result there is simply no need to castrate, tail dock or clip teeth.

NamePrice Per
Back Bacon 6-8slices 1/2lb (225g) £4.38 Per pack
Streaky Bacon 8-10 slices 1/2lb (225g) £3.76 Per pack
Gammon Steaks (10oz - 275g)£4.13 Each
Lardons 1/2lb (225g)£2.93 Per Pack


Hinton Marsh Farm is situated at the foot of the Wiltshire Chalkdownlands and has been a family run farm since 1956.

And we are now proud to offer our award-winning free range beef, pork, chicken and lamb to you online.


Farmers' Markets

Why not come and visit us at the Farmers Markets we attend: Stroud, Swindon, Marlborough and Wanborough.

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