BeefOur succulent, tender, marbled deep flavour beef has claimed various Gold and Silver Awards for three consecutive years. The succulence and tenderness is enhanced with the careful maturing of the meat an average of 21 days, concentrating the great flavour at the same time helps prevent shrinkage in the cooker.

Our animals are slow growing, grazing alongside the sheep on the Chalkdownland; rich grass and herb species to ensure the deep flavour and marbling.

NamePrice Per
Whole Fillet £44 Per Kilo
Fillet steak 6oz(175g) £7.70 Each
Fillet Steak 8oz (225g) £9.90 Each
Sirloin Steak 8oz(225g) £7.65 Each
Sirloin Steak 10oz(275g) £9.35 Each
Rump Steak 12oz((325g) £8.32 Each
Rump Steak 16oz (450g) £11.51 Each
Ribeye steak 10oz(275g) £7.98 Each
Top Rump £21.10 Per Kilo
Rolled Sirloin £34.00 Per Kilo
Silverside £18.00 Per Kilo
Fore-rib on the bone £18.00 Per Kilo
Aitchbone (Available as 1-4 ribs) £18.00 Per Kilo
Slow Roasts/Pot Roast 11.80 Per Kilo
Brisket 11.80 Per Kilo
Stewing Steak, diced 1lb(450g) £6.30 Per Pack
Braising Steak 1lb(450g) £6.30 Per Pack
Skirt 1lb(450g) £6.30 Per Pack
Shin 1lb(450g) £4.73 Per Pack
Extra Lean Minced Beef 1lb(450g) £4.50 Per Pack
Oxtail 1lb (450g) £3.57 Per Pack
Ox Heart £4.00 Each
Liver 1lb (450g) £1.80 Per Pack


Hinton Marsh Farm is situated at the foot of the Wiltshire Chalkdownlands and has been a family run farm since 1956.

And we are now proud to offer our award-winning free range beef, pork, chicken and lamb to you online.


Farmers' Markets

Why not come and visit us at the Farmers Markets we attend: Stroud, Swindon, Marlborough and Wanborough.

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